Java SE - Java Standard Edition 8 - Foundation

Kort om undervisningen

This course gives a solid introduction to Java. The focus is on the Java programming language itself, and only the most central Java libraries will be presented. Through theory and practical exercises you will learn and understand the reasoning behind object oriented design. After this course you will be able to read and write object oriented code.  


  • Introduction to the Java platform and the environment around Java
  • Classes, objects constructors and methods
  • Branching and loops
  • Error handling with exceptions, runtime as well as checked
  • Arrays and simple lists
  • Reuse by inheritance and by composition
  • Interfaces and abstract classes
  • Enumerations
  • Fundamental Java libraries
  • Classpath and JAR files
  • News in Java 8
  • Prerequisites


Participants are assumed to have experience with programming in another language. Eclipse will be used as development environment (IDE) but previous experience with Eclipse is not required. It will also be possible to use other IDEs such as NetBeans or IntelliJ. Each participant will have access to a Windows machine during the course but participants may also bring their own Linux, Windows or iOS laptop. 


This course is designed for programmers with no or little previous experience with Java. 

Efter kurset kan deltageren

  • Read java source code while having a good overall understanding of the semantics 
  • Write simple Java classes, including constructors, fields, relations, methods and main method
  • Use Eclipse to create packages, classes and interfaces and be able to execute the code
  • Fix syntax errors in Java code
  • Use loops and conditional logic
  • Use data structures such as arrays and lists
  • Use inheritance and interfaces
  • Use classes from the Java standard API such as String and Math
  • Use enumerations
  • Throw and catch exceptions and be able to understand where a given exception originated
  • Search for information in the Java API

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