Java SE - Oracle Certified Associate - Foundation

Kort om undervisningen

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) - Java 8 SE Programmer is an international Java certification - giving even the experienced developer new knowledge during the preparation for an OCA exam. The certification is a guarantee that the developer in question possesses a deep understanding of the Java language, its capabilites and that he is able to use it optimally and thus will improve productivity and quality of the software engineering process.

In the OCA curriculum, there are many details to remember to be able pass the certification exam. This course aims to motivate and support the leaning process and minimize the need for memorization. 

Curriculum is based upon a self-study process that is supplemented by 6 half-day sessions of approximately 3 hours each. In these sessions, the participant will get the aquired knowledge challenged and expanded thorugh quizzes, presentations and discussion groups.


The Oracle Ceritified Associate certifcation  is similar to a basic Java course that covers all the fundemental aspects of the Java language. This preparation course helps the participant though the steps of the certification journey, through;

  • Kick-off meeting with good advice on study-techniques and presentation of the curriculum
  • Delivery of curriculum and certification-specific book
  • Self-study on basic Java, object-orientation, exceptions, standard libraries and new Java 8 features - such as Lambda expressions
  • 6 half days of teaching, taking offset in the chapters that the participants have read before class.
  • Exam-oriented quizzes as part of the teaching
  • Individual feedback for the participants
  • Trial-examinations, created by Lund&Bendsen


This course requires basic programming skill or experience matching the level of 




The target audience of this course is developers who wishes to receive the “Oracle Certified Associate” certification.

Please note that this is not a Java course, but a certification course, where details of the Java language will be covered. It is therefore a prerequisite that the paticipant has programming experience prior to taking this course - preferably Java programming.

Efter kurset kan deltageren

Pass the OCA exam and know basic Java concepts. These include:

  • Classes, scopes, obejcts and their life-cycle, encapsulation, control structures and loops.
  • Work with object polymorphy, interitance, interfaces, type-hierarchy, overloading of - for instance - equals and ==.
  • Identify and explain static fields and inner classes.
  • Types, type cast and where it can and must be used
  • Know the difference between abstract classes and interfaces and their usage
  • Handle and program using exceptions and recognize common exception types (such as NullPointerException and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException).
  • Basic handling and manipulation of Strings.
  • Write a simple Lambda expression that uses a Lambda expression of the class Predicate.
  • Handle date and time through the built-in Java library types.

Videre forløb

This course enables, through a completed certification, the course participant to take the advanced “Oracle Certified Professional” certification.

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