BDD - Cucumber Testing - Foundation

Kort om undervisningen

Cucumber is a tool allowing testers, business people and developers to work together on automated acceptance tests for a software product. Cucumber test scenarios are written in plain language defining steps on achieving specific task or behavior. These test scenarios are interpreted and executed automatically on the target software.

The course will focus on using Cucumber to test web projects and best practices on applying it in everyday work.

Please note that the course is taught in English.


During the course the following topics will be discussed:

  • Behavior-driven development (BDD) concepts
  • Given, When, Then syntax
  • Using Cucumber to test the frontend
  • Parameterizing step definitions
  • Backgrounds
  • Best practices
  • How Cucumber tests can improve business and development cooperation
  • Inspiration on using Cucumber elsewhere (fx REST calls)


Course participants should have knowledge of Java language equivalent to our Java SE - Java Standard Edition 8 - Foundation course. Participants should also have an understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Knowledge with JavaScript should be equivalent to core JavaScript from JS - JavaScript og jQuery - Foundation.


The course is designed for developers working closely with business and needing to allow testers and business representatives to define acceptance tests that could be run automatically.

Efter kurset kan deltageren

Upon completion of the course the participant will understand the concepts of a successful application of BDD.

Participant will be able to write Cucumber scenarios and implement step definitions and use those in everyday situations.

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