JS - Dart Programming language - Introduction

Kort om undervisningen

Dart is a modern programming language designed to build large and scalable applications. It deploys directly to browsers, server backends and smartphone Apps. It is designed to be terse, meaning that it is brief and concise.

It is very similar in syntax to Java and C#, and programmers of these languages will feel at home almost instantly. The Dart langauge is a fun, intutive and very stable language to build large maintainable web-applications on, and you should not miss this opportunity to get yourself familiarized with it.


This introduction will provide a brief introduction to the syntax, features and deployments of the Dart language, how to start and new Dart projects, how to organize the projects, where to find help and documentation for later use. In summary; this is a kick-start session that will give both give you good start and the means for trying out Dart as a proof-of-concept in your development environment.

We will also give a brief introduction to the new Dart Flutter framework, which enables you to build cross-platform smartphone apps in Dart.


Programming background is strongly recommended, preferably coming from a C-syntax-like language like C# or Java.

Number of participants is min. 12. If less than 12 participants, please contact us.


Number of participants is min. 12. If less than 12 participants, please contact us.


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The 2 hour intro will give you an overview of some of the language and SDK features of Dart and give a few examples on how to get started with using Dart in your own projects.

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