AI - Machine Learning - Workshop

Kort om undervisningen

Machine Learning is one the hottest topics in IT today. IT may very well change the way we write software, and even who writes the software. Its unlikely that it will not change the way we humans life our lives.

All the big vendors, and many smaller are competing for the market, Amazon, MicroSoft, Google to name a few, and many products are emerging - tensorflow, spark to name a few of those and many approaches are taken, deep learning, genetic algorithms, inductive logic programming, ...

Breathe in, breathe out :

Lets step back from the theory a little and spend a few hours getting our hands on some concrete Machine Learning. This is a hands on workshop where we step back from the theory and use some of the easier adoptable technologies to try out some of the power of machine learning combined with Internet of Things.

The participants are expected to bring a laptop and an Andriod or iPhone, with permission to install software on both.


During the workshop the participants will be introduced to the most high level programming language in the world ( this is written in September 2017 ), and be given a small Machine Learning Algorithm, that they will train themselves. At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to feed their algorithm with photos taken with their mobile phones.


You must have at least a rudimentary understanding of programming, and be able to operate a complex web page.



Partificipants at entry level of Machine Learning. Wanna try it out for real in a few hours, this is for you

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