XML - Extensible Markup Language - Foundation

Kort om undervisningen

This course provides a solid introduction to XML. The focus is on the XML language and the most common tasks in working with XML. Through theory and exercises, the participants get a good understanding of what to use XML for, and how the various XML related technologies work.


  • Introduction to basic XML and namespaces
  • Insight into XML syntax and validation
  • Review of XML schemas (XSD)
  • Analysis of the data type definition (DTD)
  • Transformations of XML, via XPath, XSLT and XQuery
  • XML formatting for display in a browser, using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • XML and databases
  • XML and Web services


No requirements necessary.


The course is designed for developers, project managers, architects and others who want an overview of how to build XML documents and create rules / transformations for these.

Efter kurset kan deltageren

  • Explain and work with XML and related technologies
  • Explain XML data, schemas, data definitions and syntax
  • Explain XML transformations and rules
  • Explain XML databases and Web services

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