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Enterprises have traditionally relied on service bus products to handle on-premise integration. With the increased adoption of cloud services, this approach becomes hard to sustain. Delivering an expansive suite of both on-premise and cloud solutions, Oracle recognizes this problem. To solve the integration issues, Oracle now offers the new cloud-based Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS). 

Built from the ground up as a cloud native solution, ICS comes with an extensive assortment of secure adapters. Oracle delivers both application adapaters for many standard applications, as well as technical adapters for custom integrations using database tables, REST services, JMS, files and many others. 

Integrations are built with an intelligent visual mapping tool, and running integrations are visualized in real time in the integration dashboard to allow you to monitor performance and spot bottlenecks and problems.


Course topics include:

  • Signing up for Oracle Cloud services
  • Integration Cloud Service (ICS) overview
  • Running the ICS sample integrations
  • Creating ICS connections
  • Using ICS pre-built application adapters
  • Using ICS technical adapters (File, JMS, REST)
  • Creating ICS integrations
  • Mapping data and using lookups
  • Montoring ICS integrations


You need a mobile phone number and credit card that hasn't been used for an Oracle Cloud trial before. The card will not be charged.


Developers who need to integrate on-premise and cloud applications.

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This two-day introduction to Oracle Integration Cloud Service enables a developer to use ICS to build integrations between on-premise and cloud applications using both application and technical adapters. It also covers how to perform data mapping and troubleshoot issues in the integration using the ICS dashboard.

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