TS - Angular - Foundation

Course abstract

Angular is a JavaScript framework designed to create advanced single page applications using HTML, CSS and TypeScript, JavaScript or Dart.

The problem with enterprise JavaScript applications are that they have a tendency to become a bit of a mess. Angular helps the developer to structure the code, separate the concerns and remove trivial code.

Angular is the follow up to the popular AngularJS and it creation is based on experience with AngularJS. In Angular they address the problems from AngularJS, but the main ideas are the same.

The course will go through all the fundamentals of Angular and all the common building blocks. The course will make use of TypeScript. Not JavaScript and not Dart.

Topics covered


  • Angular - The fundamentals and architecture
  • A primer to TypeScript
  • A primer to tooling
  • Components
  • Data binding
  • Input & output
  • Modules
  • Services and DI
  • Ajax & RxJS
  • Pipes
  • Routes & navigation
  • Forms
  • Unit Testing
  • Migration from Angular 1.X to Angular


The course requires some knowledges of HTML 4 or 5. A reasonable knowledges of TypeScript or JavaScript.

The course TS - TypeScript - Foundation is highly recommended.

Target audience

Developers with little or no knowledge of Angular, required to write and/or maintain a single page application using Angular.

Learning objectives

After the course the developer will be able to create and develop an Angular application using angular-cli & TypeScipt.

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