Hacking Workshop - Practicing the art of hacking

Kort om undervisningen

In this full day workshop participants will learn about cybersecurity through they eyes of the hacker. The participants will learn the basics about attacking and hacking applications and systems. After a short introduction the participants will form small groups and work together on solving hacking challenges. Challenges will be graduated to different skill levels and technologies. Participants will get their hands "dirty" as the workshop is heavily focused on hands-on.

The workshop will be using gamification to ensure that an otherwise hard topic will be fun and engaging to learn. After the workshop participants will gain a far better understanding of security vulnerabilities and their actual impact.



  • the hacker mindset
  • exploitation of vulnerable software applications
  • content includes web applications, SQL and databases, crypto, authentication processes, server misconfigurations and more
  • OWASP top 10
  • hands-on learning
  • support for different skill levels
  • team-based collaboration and frustration
  • cybersecurity insights for defenders and attackers



  • A basic technical foundation is required
  • Participants do not need to be able to code, but they should know how to read and understand the overall basics. Coding skills will increase the ability to follow along and solve some of the more complex challenges
  • Prior cybersecurity knowledge is not required, but participants with such knowledge will receive harder challenges



The course is aimed at developers and others with a technical understanding, architects, testers etc. are also very welcome. This workshop is for anybody who wants to learn more about the hacker mindset and thus, what we need to be aware of, when designing and implementing systems. The workshop also works very well as a teambuilding event.


Efter kurset kan deltageren

After the workshop, the participant will have a far better understanding of how to approach cybersecurity, and how to apply it to solution design and implementation. The main goal of the workshop is to get an understanding of how systems are hacked, and what happens if best-practice is not followed. The participant will learn ideas and best-practices which are directly applicable to his own systems.


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