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Why Helm? Helm is a tool to simplify application deployment to Kubernetes. It can be used for sharing and customizing applications across multiple environments. It is also used widely by third-party application vendors to install software in Kubernetes.



  • Using existing Helm charts in Kubernetes
  • Managing repositories
  • Helm template syntax
  • Creating own Helm charts
  • Upgrading releases
  • Testing Helm charts
  • Sharing charts into repositories
  • GitOps and Helm charts
  • When not to use Helm charts



It is expected that participants have knowledge of the topics covered in the course Kubernetes for developers and DevOps.


Developers and devops that are considering or already using Kubernetes.

Efter kurset kan deltageren


  • Install existing Helm charts
  • Define own Helm charts
  • Understand pros and cons of Helm charts
  • Helm charts best practices


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